Looking To Sell Your Home In Woodbury MN

Selling your home is a big decision. Selling your home can be stressful also. If you have been on Facebook for more than 5 min, you will see someone not happy with their Realtor.

We have been selling homes in Woodbury MN since 2007.  We have seen almost every situation from short sales and foreclosure and from Divorce to Luxury Homes.

Free Home Evaluation
Free Home Evaluation

Step One of Free Home Evaluation:

Give us a call at 612-284-8161 and make an appointment with us. We will find a time that works for you.

We will then come over and view the condition of your home and talk with you about why you want to sell and what is important to you when it comes to selling.

Depending if your a single individual that is traveling and need to have the lights in the home before showings or if you just have had your third child and needed to sell in a weekend so that you won’t need to interrupt the children nap schedule.

After we have collected all the information about you and your home we will return to our office where we will plug in your information and use our sophisticated software to analyze what your home is worth and what is the best price to sell your home for in this market.

We will personally review all the data and send you a report detailing the best process for selling your home.

Step Two in the Woodbury MN Free home evaluation:

Free Home Evaluation Woodbury MN
Free Home Evaluation Woodbury MN

Step Two is the listing appointment.  We will sit down with you and explain the best ways to get your home ready for sale.

We will go through the basics of staging and how pricing your home will be the difference between you getting $20,0000 to $30,000 over list price or losing $40,000.

  Step Three in the Woodbury MN Free home evaluation:

Getting your home on the market.  We will have a signpost ordered and installed and have a professional photograph (see photo) to make sure your home has the best online presence it can.

Showings will be approved through a text message system that notifies you and allows you to accept and decline showings.

Step Four in The Woodbury MN Free Home evaluation:

Contract negotiation. When we receive an offer or multiple offers we will go through each part with you and make sure that you understand which offer is the best and let you decide which one is right for you.

Step Fifth in The Woodbury MN Free Home evaluation:

Closing is the last step in this process. We will setup the closing for you and make sure that you get updates from the buyer’s side along the way so that you can a stress-free transition into your new home.

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