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This is always an interesting time of year to sell a home or buy a home in Woodbury Minnesota.  The reason why it is so interesting is because it’s not as predictable as the spring home selling season or even the dead of winter freezing tough selling season.

What you need to know if your selling a home in Woodbury MN this fall:

  1. Using the right Woodbury Realtor is going to make the difference.  The reason why I say this is because when I look through homes for sale in Woodbury MN and the home has bad pictures, I just skip them and don’t send them to my clients.  Woodbury Realtors that are not using professional photographers are cutting their clients short.  Even a home in Woodbury MN that is in disrepair can show great because you can make the lighting look great and for every home there is a buyer looking for that opportunity.  If homes photos are dark in the pictures it is hard to see what the home has to offer and most agents and buyers may skip it even through the home has a lot potential.
  2. Home preparation matters! Your Woodbury Realtor should know what should be done and shouldn’t.  Right now the biggest trend is Grey walls and white trim.  Also updated kitchens.  If you don’t have the money to update your whole kitchen then paint those oak cabinets white or Grey like the picture above. Stainless steel appliances can make the difference and that will determine if you sell in days or months.
  3. Price your home right!  This is an aggressive market and everyone is out to make money.  If you don’t price your home to sell it, it will sit on market.  Everyday it sits it is telling buyers that your home is not worth the list price and that a lower offer is okay.  Price your home aggressively causes tons of showings and with a lot of showings you will get a highest and best situation.  A highest and best situation can drive the price of the home up.The home maybe actually worth less than the highest offer but because we always want what we can’t have the buyers will pay more than market value.


How to compete in Multiple offers 2017!

As we have spoken about before in some of our videos is that losing a multiple offer is not the worst thing.  This market is still trending up but there will be a day it corrects.  If you over pay for a home and then have to sell because of some reason in a down market maybe more painful than if you would have just lost the multiple offer.

You should never offer more than what the neighborhoods most expense of sale in the last year.  If no homes have sold in a while then this offer has to be customize.  I would protect my investment when buying a home by being 20 to 30k below the highest sold home.   Of course your Realtor will help you find that right number.

What you may need to ask your Realtor to ask the list agent is if they’re allowing escalator offers.  This is a trick I don’t like since it is saying you will offer 2k or 5k higher than the best offer.  Is that fair to the other offers that don’t know about this?  It is legal, I know I called and asked but I think it is shade because it is taking the highest and best which everyone thinks is the constant and introducing a variable that is not fixed.

So that is it for our tips today and if you would like to work with us feel free to give us a call at 612.715.6474


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