Why Homebuyers maybe look at the wrong homes?

When looking for a Homes For Sale Woodbury MN do you really know what you’re looking for? Some people know exactly what they’re looking for down to the color and style and price.

This can be a problem since they may not be able to afford what they’re looking for. We all tend to want more.  It is human nature.  Everyone wants more money or even more bacon.  Let’s find out more.

Homes For Sale Woodbury MN

Homes For Sale Woodbury MN Understanding the market.

The first thing you have to look at is not what Homes For Sale Woodbury MN are listed for.  Many homes go for more or less what they’re listed for.  This can be deceiving to a home buyer looking in Woodbury MN since they see homes they like and make an offer and lose out.  Since the price that the home sold for is not disclosed for months they don’t get feedback on what they’re doing wrong.

Why timing is very important when looking at Homes For Sale Woodbury MN.

If you have never bought a home before or your working with an agent that has not been in the business long you may not know that there is a hot season for homes and a cold season.  You may think that it has to do with the weather because the hot and cold theme but it is not.

It has to do with what events that are going on at that time of year.  Thanksgiving through Christmas is slow since people are traveling and busy shopping.  January through May first people get into the home buying spirit.  May first the weather has changed and kids are out of school and it the market doesn’t have as much intensity. May first through August first is slow then picks up right before school. After that, the sales fade through the holiday.

If you’re looking to buy under 300k or selling in that price range things can move at any time since there is a limited amount of inventory and rates are still low when this was written.  The Luxury Market heats up between May and August since the spring sales trigger the move up and also wealthy people will return from their winter homes.

The two points to take from this is that you need to know what homes are sold for (That have actually closed) and what time of year it is.  A home that sold in April may get less in May or June.  A home that sold in December will go for less than what one sells for in January. Check out the Homes for Sale Woodbury MN Below.


Homes for sale in Woodbury MN
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