Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN

Luxury Homes In Woodbury MN.

Woodbury MN is one of the best places to live.  With great schools, shops and restaurants Woodbury is a great a community.   The Woodbury Community is very supportive a small business and family activities.

The Woodbury Schools.

Woodbury MN Schools are some of the best rated schools in the state.  The schools are part of the 833 Washington County school District and are well maintained.  Woodbury has two high schools and number of middle and Elementary schools.  With the Bielenberg sports center has a lot of sports programs for kids and adults.

What is there to do in Woodbury MN?

The list of restaurants:




Sole Mio


The Lakes

Tamarack Village

Skiing and Snowboarding

Afton Alps


Windmill Marina

Afton Marina

Do you buy or build a Luxury Home in Woodbury MN?

This will depend on your budget, your time frame and your desire to live in certain neighborhood.  We will sit down with you and go through all these options with you and find out which is the best for you. When you’re looking at Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN you will have a lot of options.  Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN are not like Luxury Homes in other suburbs of the Twin Cities.  The rest of the Twin Cities have been building homes for a 100 years.  Minntonka is one of the most favorable areas to live.  That being said what you get for a million dollars is very little.  Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN are still being built in Suburbs like Autumn Ridge, Woodhaven and more upcoming developments.   With no limit to New inventory on Luxury homes in Woodbury MN that means that it is very competitive in new construction and pre-owned Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN.

We also have a Youtube Channel where we go through trends in the Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN market.

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