Realtors in Woodbury MN

Realtors in Woodbury MN, which one do you choose?

So many good Realtors in Woodbury MN to choose from it is hard to know which one is going to be the right one for you.

The first step you should take is do a phone interview with each one.

Say your looking to buy a home in Woodbury MN and how would you go about doing that.

I hope most of their response would be the same as mine which is “Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?”  This is very important because there is Realtors in Woodbury MN that will have buyers call them up and say they want to see a house and they will go show them the house in Woodbury MN for sale and then Realtors in Woodbury MN will write an offer to find out that the people haven’t been preapproved for a home loan, they can’t even get a home loan because of some past issue.

You should then tell the Realtor in Woodbury MN some information about your life, family and job and then ask them what area’s of Woodbury they like.  Depending on your situation you maybe looking for a Townhome, a Single family home or Luxury Home.  Maybe you want an older home that you can save money on and remodel.  Maybe you don’t have the time to remodel home and you want a brand new home.  Maybe you travel alot or just recently got divorced and need snow and lawn taken care of for you.

Other Questions I would ask is how long have you been a Realtor in Woodbury MN?  This is not to say that newer agents are not good, it is just through experience Realtors learn how other realtors work, what to mistakes to watch out for, and other insights real estate agents that have only in the business for a year may not know.

Should you pick Realtors in Woodbury MN by which company they work for?

It depends on you.  I personally like working with Small business, the owner of the company, or the most experience person at the company.  I want to know all the answers to my questions.  I want to even be able to ask dumb questions that there is no real answer to.  Maybe I do that to test the person knowledge since I know the answer can’t be answered my mind says if they give me some BS answer than I can trust them.  Good Realtors in Woodbury MN should have the answer to 90% of your questions.  Yes there is a lot of questions that can’t be answered on the spot regardless of whom the Realtor is.  What does this association cover.  There is so many association for Townhomes and homes and have so many different rules and services that better the agent gets back to you with the right information rather than guess.


Check out this video and several others we have and give us a call to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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