Selling Your Home in Woodbury MN with Video

Selling your home in Woodbury MN

When your looking at selling your home in Woodbury MN or the Twin Cities it is important that buyers see in the best light possible.  Real Estate video when selling your home has become very popular as of late. With higher end homes Realtors are even getting actors to be in these cool videos that show the best parts of the properties.

Selling your home in Woodbury MN

Video + Great Photos helps sell homes in Woodbury MN!

Videos show a lot but having great pictures to draw in that buyer is even more important.  95% of home buyers are online and with that being said you have to remember that the video is not the first thing they see.  The main picture is.  If that picture is not eye catching, the buyer will never click on the additional link for the video tour of the home.  In the future I am sure that the MLS and Zillow will catch up to the trends of Facebook and Instagram with scrolling video that starts when the you scroll over it with your finger. That leads us into our final thoughts on Selling your home in Woodbury MN.

Social Media and how it will help sell your home in Woodbury MN.

As we referenced above, with Facebook and other social apps the auto play feature is helping sell homes that have video.  It is very popular to pre-market homes through social media right now.  Pre-market means to put it up for sale on Social media first and not allow showings for a few days then put it on the MLS where Realtors than can schedule showings.  This builds up curiosity and can generate mutliple offer situation or can give you an idea if your not getting that many views that you maybe be coming out to high on your price.   Either way having a video done when selling your home can only help you.



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