Woodbury MN Realtors Dale Frisch goes into how to declutter your home to sell it faster.

Homes that have less stuff in them sell faster.  Why you may ask?  When a home buyer can see a home without all the stuff in it, they actually see the home and not the stuff.   Don’t believe me?  I have been doing this for ten years and the way that home buyers feel in a older home that has less stuff is amazing.

Want to really see how bad stuff can destroy a showing.  Hopefully you never have to actually see a hoarder home but those are the worst.  Is it a bad home, no.  All homes can be good homes depending on location and other parts of the formula.  Heck St. Paul was selling homes for $1 at one point as long as you agreed to fix them up.

Back to the topic of decluttering your home:

  1. Start by getting the garage cleaned if you have one.  If you don’t then maybe rent a storage locker or find one room near the front door to start with.
  2. Once everything is cleaned out of that area we will make 3 piles.  Give, Sell and Trash.  You have a keep pile but if you moved it this far it won’t be long before it ends in one of the others.  The reason why I like the garage is that people like to see the garage and how a car fits in it but after that it doesn’t matter to much.  If you’re going to use the garage, take a picture with 2 cars or full size vehicle in it and then once you have all this stuff in there if you have not got ride of it then put the picture up on the garage door so the buyer can see what it will fit.
  3. If you have a basement start in the basement moving stuff into the garage.  Why?  For some reason all buyers over ten years like to go to the basement first.  a decluttered basement will look spacious and show how much storage there is.  It is hard to tell how much room there is if you can’t actually get behind boxes.
  4. After the basement and go through each room.

How to decide to throw it out, give it or sell it?

  1. Does it have a memory of something or someone that can’t be replaced?  Keep
  2. It is seasonal? Snow stuff, summer stuff?
    1. If it is seasonal have you used in in the last season?  Yes keep no sell or give.
  3. If not any of the above then have used it in the last xx.  This could be 6 months or a year.  Anything older than that ask yourself why are you holding on to it?
  4. Does it have value?  The answer to this I can tell you is mostly like not.  Stuff is produced so fast these days no wants to pay for outdated stuff.  Go ahead an put on Craigslist or Facebook and see if you get calls.  I can be wrong about this but most of the stuff we have is outdated or has been replaced by something new and there is new ship loads of this stuff coming from China everyday.  Old cell phones and computers maybe worth something but then again I look at my time and say how much time and effort do I want to put into selling something just to have someone try to get it for a cheaper price than what I am trying to get for it.  I could be wrong but try it out and see if you can sell it.

Goodwill and Savers are great places to take stuff.  It is cheaper than paying the trash to take it.

Mattress are going to cost between $40 and up to get rid.

Paint and oil you can get rid of at the county in most places.   Here is the link for Washington County https://www.co.washington.mn.us/604/Environmental-Center


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