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The 7 Steps to Selling Your Home.

  1. Pick the right Woodbury Realtor.  Woodbury Realtors like Dale Frisch have been selling homes in Woodbury MN for over 10 years.  He has studied the Woodbury MN market inside and out and knows the neighborhoods.  If your Woodbury MN Real Estate Agent just received their real estate license, then they may not know about pitfalls that may happen during the home selling process.
  2. .Make sure (if your not using Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch) that your Realtor is using a professional photographer.  This makes a difference.  Even if your home is not in that great of shape, it will still appear better online.  The problem with bad pictures is that their very dark or blurry. People can’t see what the rooms look like online. If the rooms look bad online, the buyers will not book a showing which leads to an offer.
  3. Prepare your Home For Sale in Woodbury MN before you go on market.  Most homes sell pretty quick in Woodbury MN right now.  Yes some of the Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN take longer, but they still do sell.  If your home is going to sell, why don’t we take the time to start packing it before we go on market?  Home staging or market preparation is important since a buyer is going to compare your home to others that are for sale in the area.  The most important part of home staging is decluttering your home.  We tend to buy stuff we don’t really need and then since we don’t use it we feel bad throwing it away so we keep it.  This cause for their to be a lot of stuff in a home.  Start going through and packing the things you want to keep and giving the rest to goodwill or savers.  Selling stuff can be a waste of time depending on the value so it is just better to give.
  4. Get that honey do list done. There is typically a list of items that have been out there waiting for you to do.  This is the time to get them done.  Having your furnace and A/c checked is not a bad idea either.  A home inspector is going to go through the home with a fine tooth comb and the more things that have not be repaired are going to come up in the report.  Make sure you also get up in your attic.  If your is sealed meaning the drywall tape is not cut then you don’t need to.  If the seal has been cut by someone then go and look up in there.  We want to make sure there nothing stored up there or any water or venting issues.
  5. Always be ready for showings.  Showing request can come in with as little as an hour notice.  If your really serious about selling your home you need to be ready.  We tell people to eat with paper plates so there is no dishes.  Make sure all cloths gets put away everyday and that the dinning room table is always set.  Make sure the toilet seats are put down and the shower stuff is out of sight.  We want the buyer to get the best look at the home as they can.  Also if you have extra cars, park them around the corner when showings are going on.  Buyers get worried that there is other buyers or people at home if there is a car parked in the driveway.  Make the buyer feel at home.
  6. A buyer has 5 senses.  We want to make sure they’re seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and even tasting the right kind of things.  Seeing we covered in decluttering the home. Smelling, we need to make sure it smells right. We don’t the smell of smoke inside or outside in the garage.  Inside we want to put air fresheners that go with the  season. Fall and winter we use apple cinnamon and in spring and summer lavender is nice.  Hearing it is nice to have classical music or holiday music if it is the fall.  If you think of a really nice hotel spa they will have nature sounds. Touch would be keeping the house at the right temperature. Not to hot  and not to cold.  We provide some treats for the buyers that are going though the house.
  7. Don’t overprice your home.  Woodbury MN buyers are very smart these days.  They can see all the homes online and drive by them.  There is virtual walking tours and more.  We all want to think our home is the best just like we do with everything we own.  The truth is that there is a lot of homes for sale and you will be competing with builders for the buyers business.  It is important that you price the home right.  If your not selling in so many days your overpriced and that will lead to a frustrating selling experience since getting the home ready for showings just to have them tell you that there is cheaper better homes on the market is tough on everyone.  Work with the right Woodbury Realtors will help you eliminate this.

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