Woodbury MN Realtors Dale Frisch brings you tips of the week:

Dale believes that through sharing his experiences in Real Estate, that you can learn and even if your not working with him you can have a better experience in the Real Estate market.  This will bring the whole industry up.

Our weekly tips will include:

  • Home buying Tips:  This will include tips on searching for homes for sale, how to make an offer, items to look for when shopping for a home, handling multiple offers and other tips.
  • Home Selling Tips: This will include what is going on in the real estate market, how to prepare for showings, how to handle inspection and more.
  • Home Loan and Mortgage Tips: This will include tips on how to get a FHA, Conventional and other types of mortgages and home loans.
  • Home legal Tips: This will include what the Statutes and other legal questions.
  • Home Building Tips:  This will include how to shop for a builder, what are some of the current trends and more.

Dale Frisch

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