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Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch talks about a tale of two home sellers in Woodbury MN.

In Minnesota we’re Stubborn and we don’t like to admit when were wrong.  Maybe I am wrong in thinking there is two types of home sellers in Woodbury that Woodbury Realtors get to work with.  Maybe there is more maybe there is less but let’s hear what I have to say.

Woodbury Realtors like me have either one of two types of Home sellers in Woodbury MN.

  1. Aggressive Home Seller.
  2. Passive Home Seller.

Woodbury Realtors and the Aggressive Home Seller:

This is the type of home seller in Woodbury MN I think you should be.  This type of Home Seller wants to sell their home fast and be aggressive.  I personally think you attract what you are.  If your an aggressive Home Seller in Woodbury MN and you work with an Aggressive Woodbury Realtor like Dale Frisch, you will aggressively price your home to sell fast.  This in return will attract aggressive buyers that want your home and will cause multiple offers driving the price over list price.

Woodbury Realtors and the Passive Home Seller:

The Passive home seller in Woodbury MN will list their home at higher price believing that their home will sell.  The home goes on market and it sits and sits.  Then as time goes by it becomes about pride or something in that they have to get that price.

The Truth is that sometimes a Seller can go from Passive to Aggressive.  I have seen this a lot since I’m not a high pressure person when it comes to making people understand what I have spent 10 years fine tuning.  When a Passive home seller realizes that buyer are not interested in their home at that price (Normal 30 to 45 days later) then they will tell me to drop the price and this then makes the listing aggressively priced and brings an offer.  The excitement of being new to market is lost but getting is sold is still the most important part and this is why.

Are you losing money selling fast?

A lot of people want to think they could have got more after they receive good offers.  It is part of DNA to want more so it is okay to think that.  The truth is a home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it at that time.  What people think is by getting their home sold fast or at list price is that their missing out.  The fact is that they maybe making money on the house that they will be moving to since that house may have just dropped their priced or has been on market longer.  I have personally got people 30 to 40k off of original list price since they were aggressive in selling their home fast and were in the position to move on a seller that has become passive.

Also when you become passive in selling your home it starts to eat at you.  That takes the power from you reviewing several offers to you hoping that one will come.  Hope is not a Strategy.  Let’s look at some current listings.

Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch brings you aggressive home sellers in Woodbury MN.

Since I am limited with adding listings in this web software you will have to work with me.  Not all of these homes that have sold are aggressive home sellers but the ones that were on market less than 10 days are.  Below this is homes that have been on the market that are not selling so you can see the passive sellers.

[idx-listings city=”Woodbury” minprice=”300000″ maxprice=”500000″ statuses=”2,3,4″ propertytypes=”671,672″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”10″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch brings you passive home sellers in Woodbury MN.

My point is not to offend anyone but to show the difference in pricing your home aggressively vs passively.

[idx-listings city=”Woodbury” minprice=”300000″ maxprice=”500000″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”671″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”ASC” count=”20″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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