The 2019 Real Estate Market is a few weeks away and did you know that there is four Seasons of selling and buying In Minnesota? They’re not the same as the weather through.

2019 Real Estate Market

The Four Seasons of Home Selling and Home Buying!

The Real Estate Market in Minnesota starts up around January 15th and peaks in April (Season 1).  Why January 15th for the beginning to the Home Selling Season in Minnesota you may ask?  The two reason why I believe that this is the start of the real state season is because the craziness is over. 

If you think about how much there is to do between Thanksgivings and Christmas, it is no wonder why home sales dip during that time.  Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Kids Sports, Bad roads and frozen temperatures don’t help. 

The Second Reason is after December 21st we start getting more daylight.

  May 1st to July 4 (Season 2) is an interesting time.  In May most parents have their kids getting out of school and have decided to put off buying to the fall.  Individuals that are not focused on children start to get out and enjoy the weather.  The focus of getting a home is not at the top of the list.

This season I have had a lot of experience with on both sides buying and selling. With home buyers we would run into agents and their clients at hot homes for sale and after May 1st not many agents and buyers compared to homes on the market.

When it came to selling a Homes in May, I got burnt by using comparable homes that sold in March and April (The Best Time To Sell).  I learned early on that what happens in the first part the year doesn’t happen the rest of the year unless you under price

July 4 to September 15 (Season 3) is a more intense than the out of school beginning of summertime season #2.  Now parents that need to get their kids into school need to get a home.  Home sales spike but not as crazy as spring.

September 15 to December 30 (Season 4) is our slowest season.  Once the snow hits and the daylight goes down to nothing (sunset 4 pm) Home buyers don’t like the to go looking in the cold and dark.

Do home still sell in November and December?  Yes, they do and I have found some of my best deals for Home buyers at that time of year.  There is no competition and yes you have to bring a flashlight and possible move in the snow and cold but is that worth saving 20k to 200k on a home?