Getting a divorce in Minnesota is no easy task!

You may be going through a tough time with this or maybe your happy for it to be over.  We have worked with people that have been on both sides of this divorce fence.  One thing you must know about Divorce and real estate is that once you file for divorce at the county, it will freeze all credit cards, home lines of credit and the sale of the home.

We always believe that you should seek legal advice on any matter.  A lawyer is going to tell you most likely to have your spouse served.  In the case where you’re worried about the combined assets, this may be the right course to take and your lawyer and you will make the best decision.  If you want your spouse or you to buy you out of the home, they may need to refinance, and when you serve them, it will stop any refinance option till the Divorce is finalized in court.  It all depends on how agreeable you and your spouse is. Once again, if you doubt any part of this, just go to the Divorce Lawyer in Woodbury MN.  If you’re more understanding of what you will get as Dale was in his Divorce, you may not need a Divorce Attorney in Woodbury MN.

Who should keep the home in the divorce?

This is really up to you.  Some believe that they should stay in the Woodbury home and others think the spouse should get the house.  If the house payment and the upkeep are more of a buried then a gift, it may not be worth keeping.  It has been a long time since 2008 and that means at some point the economy is going to correct.  When the economy corrects you may be in a better position to buy if you don’t own a home and that means you may get a better home than the one you just left to your spouse. If both parties agree to sell the house in Woodbury MN, you need to decide if you’re going to do it before you serve each other or if the divorce decree will state it. Once again, seek a Woodbury MN Divorce Attorney or Lawyers opinion if you’re worried or scared about the outcome.

There are several ways that divorce can go. Bad, good and ugly but in the end, it is up to how you want it to be.  We’re not Woodbury MN Divorce lawyers so you should always seek legal advice on this matter.  What do recommend is also do your homework since knowledge is good to have when going through something as emotional as a divorce.

If you have questions about whether, you should keep a home in divorce and what the value is, please give us a call for a free consultation.

For someone that has been through a Divorce in Woodbury MN, I can tell you things will get better and you will be happy again.  Having the support of the ones you love and a vision of a happy life again will get you through.  Remember, Divorce or must problem is temporary and it will pass.  We have an ear to listen to if you have no one to talk to, call or text us at 612.715.6474

We also have several Divorce Attorney’s we can refer you too.