Twin Cities Real Estate Numbers for Under 200k Oct 2018

If you’re a home seller in the Twin Cities Minnesota home market don’t shy away from selling your home just because the snow is about to fly.  There is not much inventory and that means home buyers in the Twin Cities are looking.  Rent is high and if they can get a home with an FHA home then they want to buy yours.

Selling your home in the Twin Cities home market fast will help you find the home that you’re looking for and it will get you more money.  People that hope and wish for their home to sell are just waiting to be disappointed later when it doesn’t.

Home Buyers in The Twin Cities Market Listen Up!

This is a great time to buy a home with FHA interest rates being under 5%.  Your monthly payment on a home maybe less than what your paying for in rent now.  They will be raising the rate in December so take advantage of these low rates.  We can help you find the right home that will work for you.  We just don’t a home for you, we find the one that works with your budget.

If you have an questions about buying or selling a home in the Twin Cities Real Estate market please feel free to give me a call or text at 612-715-6474


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